Brain Overload?

Tired, overwhelmed, unable to concentrate?
Find out how you can improve your brain health.

Do you find yourself forgetful at times? Or find it difficult to focus on one task at a time? Most of us now find ourselves living hectic, often overwhelming lives with constant interruptions from smartphones and social media.(1) Experts now warn that so many distractions and competing demands for attention, may be having a lasting impact on our levels of concentration.(2)


Our Brains are working harder than ever

Life nowadays has become so hectic, we have many distractions, our phones, emails, social media and life…

  • Focus

    Over 50% of people are struggling to focus and concentrate. The issue is even greater for younger people, with the under 35s twice as likely to be affected by poor concentration as those over 55.(3)

  • Memory

    Our working memory performance is thought to be at its best around the age of 30 years old. It then starts to slowly decline, dropping off rapidly after the age of 60.(4)

  • Multitask

    Our fast-moving modern lifestyles are not helping - the more we multi-task, the less we accomplish.(5)

Do you ever find your head spinning?

It’s time to give your brain a break

Adapting to an ever-changing world has always been crucial, but nowadays our brains are busier than ever.

Today’s digital landscape not only bombards us with a huge amount of information, but it also requires us to process it and make good decisions, whilst multi-tasking a range of competing demands.(5)

No wonder more and more people are looking for better ways to support and improve their brain health.

Key Question

When was the last time you looked after your brain?

We go to the gym to exercise our body, but how often do we take the time to keep our mind in shape?

Every thought, movement, memory, emotion and action is controlled by our brains. So, taking care of it should be a key priority.

There are many factors that can affect brain function and lots of ways we can take better care of our brain.

But first, let’s understand a little more about your brain.

Key Facts

About your brain

Short-term memory vs Working memory

Short-term memory might help you to remember what someone has just said to you but it’s your working memory that’s useful for mental tasks such as language comprehension, problem solving or even planning the best order in which you should do things.(33)

Active minds stay sharp

We might slow down, but as we age much of our brain stays intact. The mind that stays active will not show the same decline as others and daily brain exercises may even help intelligence to go up.

Henry Soper, PhD, former clinical psychology faculty member, School of Psychology, Fielding Graduate University.

Good brains win sports games

Did you know that reactive agility is essential in sports performance?(34) Good reaction and response time is key to scoring and winning in team sports, athletics or football where millisecond intervals can have a significant impact on the outcome.(34-37)

Your brainpower is endless!

There’s no such thing as knowing too much or learning so much that you can’t retain any more information. Your brain’s capacity is virtually unlimited and doesn’t get used up like data storage on your computer or smartphone. Although lack of sleep can affect your brain’s ability to create more memories.

Donald Krieff, DO, board-certified neurosurgeon.


Active Mind Complex

To look & feel your best, your body needs a complex mix of nutrients, and the same is true for the brain. However, an unhealthy diet may lead to the lack of some unique ingredients that our brain needs to work and operate well, some of which are scientifically proven to improve mental performance.

Active Mind Complex contains a B-vitamin complex and vitamin C, proven to support normal psychological function, mental performance and functioning of the nervous system*.

Active Mind Complex also contains a natural spearmint extract with nootropic properties, that is scientifically proven to promote cognitive and mental performance improvements, specifically: focus, reaction time and working memory without disrupting sleep at night.(6-8)

The spearmint extract used in Active Mind Complex, is sourced in a natural and sustainable way. Check out the video below to find out what makes it so unique.(38, 39)

Research in 18-50 year olds showed(6, 7)

  • Improved reactive agility and decision-making after just 7 days
  • Improvements in sustained attention after 30 days

Research in 50-70 year olds showed(8)

  • Strengthening of working memory after 90 days
  • Ease of getting to sleep easier and faster at night after 90 days

* Active Mind Complex contains folic acid, vitamins C, B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal psychological function. It also contains pantothenic acid to support normal psychological function. Vitamins C, B6 and B12 contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system.


Who can benefit from taking this?

  • Professional

    Young professionals who want to improve their focus and concentration whilst handling many tasks at once.

  • Parents

    Parents who are juggling many different tasks throughout the day.

  • Tennis Player

    Anyone who is active and plays fast reactive sports i.e. football, tennis, squash, boxing, online gaming, etc.

  • Sleep

    Older consumers who want to look after their memory and need support with getting to sleep easier.

How to keep your mind healthy

Exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep & meditation

  • Active Mind Complex

    Active Mind Complex has been specially formulated to help improve your focus and concentration. It contains a natural nootropic derived from spearmint, along with a carefully selected vitamin B complex, and vitamin C added, to help improve focus, concentration, reaction time(6, 7) and working memory.(8) It’s ideal for daily use. You can find more details on how it works here.

  • Feed your brain

    Your brain is always "on." It works heavily 24/7, even while you sleep. This means that your brain requires a constant supply of fuel, which comes from the food you eat - and what's in it makes all the difference. Eating for the brain is about balance, moderation and variety in the diet.(9) Aim for a general pattern of healthy eating, not one specific superfood for brain health.(10) Eating a variety of high quality foods can keep your brain healthy and ensure you stay focused throughout the day.(10, 11) Look out for brain-friendly foods and supplements that are a source of one of more of the following: B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

    Try a Herbalife Formula 1 shake as a quick and healthy meal. It contains the ideal blend of key nutrients like protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals. And try Herbalifeline Max to get your daily dose of omega-3 fatty-acids.

  • Train your brain

    Improve your mental fitness by doing activities that make you think. This stimulates your nerve cells and may lead to the development of new brain cells.(12-15) Scroll down for some fun games to help keep you mentally sharp.

  • Reduce stress

    The short-term stress response is crucial for survival.(28) But chronic stress can lead to long-term changes in the structure and function of the brain.(29) That’s why it’s important to manage and reduce stress as much as possible.

  • Keep hydrated

    Your body depends on water to function efficiently so women should drink about 2 litres and men 2.5 litres of fluids per day.(18) Otherwise, dehydration can affect your ability to think clearly and stay coordinated.(19-21) Refreshing Herbalife AloeMax can help you stay replenished, by encouraging your daily optimal fluid intake.

  • Meditate

    Practicing mindfulness or meditation can aid well-being and nurture the parts of the brain responsible for attention, memory and decision making.(22, 23)

  • Getting enough sleep

    Sleep is important for many brain functions.(24, 25) Without sleep, it may be harder to concentrate and react quickly, as well as absorb information and create new memories.(26, 27) Active Mind Complex can help increase the perceived ease of getting to sleep for over 50s, after 90 days usage.(8)

  • Reduce alcohol consumption

    The more a person drinks, the smaller their brain and the less connectivity there is between the brain’s cells.(30)

  • Train your body

    Doing regular cardio workouts stimulates blood flow throughout your body, including your brain.(16, 17) Ask your Herbalife Distributor about the H24 range to help fuel your workouts.

Train your brain

Start playing mind games

Unlike a computer, the brain can make decisions on its own, and has plenty of room for new information. You can also strengthen its circuitry or neural pathways.(40-43) Active connections get stronger whereas those that aren’t used very often get weaker.(12) Challenging your brain to learn something new can help improve processing speed and memory.(12, 13, 44, 45) Brain games can also provide a good mental workout to help keep your mind sharp.(46-48) Try some of these.

  • Flip

  • Tower Blocks

  • Hextris